Frequently Asked Questions

How does the voice dictation feature work, and is it reliable?
The voice dictation feature in CliniSpeak uses the built-in speech recognition tools within Windows, Android, and iOS to transcribe your speech into text. As with most speech recognition tools, it is not entirely accurate. CliniSpeak uses AI to correct errors, format, and appropriately punctuate your dictated speech.
Does the app use any patient data, and if so, how is it stored and protected?
CliniSpeak does not store any data that is submitted. All data is permanently deleted once you click the “Clear Content” button or if you close your browser tab.
Can the app be used offline, or does it require an internet connection?
CliniSpeak requires an internet connection, so cannot be used offline.
Is the app compliant with any relevant data protection laws or regulations?
CliniSpeak is fully compliant with all relevant data protection laws. CliniSpeak does not store any data that is submitted through the app.
How long does it typically take for the app to summarize a consultation, and are there any factors that might affect the processing time?
Once you have dictated your notes, the text is processed by advanced AI trained to process medical records. This is typically completed in between 1-5 seconds. If it is taking longer than this, there may be a problem with your internet connection, or your browser, or there may be a problem with the site.
Are there any additional features or tools that might be added to the app in the future, such as support for additional languages or integration with other medical software?
CliniSpeak is under active development and new features are being rolled out when they are ready. If there are any features that you would like to see in CliniSpeak, we would be delighted for you to get in touch.
Is CliniSpeak compatible with all internet browsers?
CliniSpeak is compatible with most popular desktop and mobile browsers. Your ability to use voice recognition to convert speech to text will vary by device and operating software, but is compatible with desktop computers running Microsoft Windows or macOS, and mobile devices running Android or iOS.
How do I enable microphone access in Windows to use voice dictation?
To enable voice dictation in Windows, click on the “Start” button, then type “speech privacy settings” and click on this option. Turn “Online Speech Recognition” on. Now you can put your cursor in any text input area and press Win+H to start voice dictation.
Can I use a headset microphone with the app?
You can use any microphone that is able to connect to and work with your computer. You can use a headset microphone, a standalone microphone, or even the microphone from your webcam.
Why is the voice dictation inaccurate?
Voice dictation software is often inaccurate, so you may notice that what you dictate does not appear accurately in the text box. The AI technology that CliniSpeak uses is able to correct these errors, add punctuation, and rearrange the text to produce complete and accurate clinical notes.
How do I switch between Consultation and Referral modes?
Once you have dictated the clinical information you wish to use, click Consultation or Referral, and CliniSpeak will generate the relevant output. You can even do both if you need to generate a clinical note and convert this into a referral letter. Just click on one option, copy the result into the records, and then click on te other option.
Is there a way to customize the formatting of the output text?
You cannot currently customize the output text, but you can copy the output into any text editor or consultation software and edit it as required.
Can I use the app on my mobile device?
CliniSpeak can be used on most Android and iOS mobile devices that support voice dictation. Use the built-in voice dictation function that you will find on the on-screen keyboard.

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