CliniSpeak uses voice dictation tools available on mobile and desktop devices along with advanced AI to produce voice-dictated notes that are almost completely error-free.

CliniSpeak is designed to be simple to use and it can be accessed using any internet browser on a desktop or mobile device. This page will help you fix issues you may encounter when using CliniSpeak.

I Can’t Get Voice Dictation To Work

All you have to do to make voice dictation work in CliniSpeak is to select the text box and turn on voice dictation on your device. You will need to ensure that your device has an attached microphone. Any microphone will be sufficient, including a built-in microphone, the microphone on a webcam, a headset mic, or a standalone microphone.

Ensure that your microphone is properly installed and works with other applications. Windows users can go to the sound settings menu to test that their microphone is working.

Click the Start button, type “Sound Settings”, open the Sound Settings options menu, scroll down to the “test your microphone” section, and try saying something into your microphone. You should see the blue bar moving as it responds to your voice.

If this is not working, click on the “Troubleshoot” button to try to identify and fix any issues that are preventing your microphone from working.

Mobile users can turn on voice dictation by selecting the microphone icon on the on-screen keyboard that appears when they select the text box. On Android, it will look like the image below.

On iPhones, the microphone icon normally appears at the bottom right of the on-screen keyboard, as shown below. You can get more information about getting voice dictation to work on iPhone here.

On Apple desktop devices, you may have a microphone button on your keyboard and voice dictation can be turned on and off by pressing it. If you don’t have a dedicated microphone button, follow these instructions to make voice dictation work on your Apple desktop.

Turn On Online Speech Recognition On Windows

If you are using a Windows computer, you may have to manually turn on voice dictation the first time you use CliniSpeak.

If you have pressed Win+H (Windows key and H) and you see the above message appear at the top of your screen, you will need to turn on online voice recognition. Click on the text that appears and toggle online speech recognition to on. Once you do this, you can turn voice dictation off and on by pressing Win+H. Bear in mind that you need to select a text input box for this to turn on automatically when you press Win+H.

Voice Dictation Is Cutting Out

Depending on your device, voice dictation can sometimes turn off if it does not detect anyone speaking for more than 10 seconds. Make sure that you are close enough to your microphone so that your voice is being detected. This will also greatly improve the accuracy of the initial dictated transcription.

What Is The Pop-Out Window For?

The pop-out window opens CliniSpeak in a separate, smaller browser window without any of the menus. This is helpful to keep your consultation software and CliniSpeak visible on the screen at the same time. You can use the split screen feature of Windows to have CliniSpeak and your consultation software side-by-side while you work.

When Should I Use The Exact Dictation Feature?

The Exact Dictation button will transcribe exactly what you have said, while correcting for any errors and fixing punctuation, without adding any additional formatting. This gives you the freedom to dictate whatever you want and have it transcribed perfectly.

The Consultation, Referral, and other buttons have additional AI formatting built-in to ensure that the dictated notes are presented in an optimal way. Some users will prefer this additional formatting, whilst others will prefer to have their words dictated exactly.

I’m Still Having Problems

If you are still having difficulty getting CliniSpeak to work, contact our team and we will be delighted to help you.